Peach Jam

Ingredients for making peach jam

  1. Fresh peaches 5 kilograms
  2. Sugar 3 kilograms
  • Main ingredients: Peach
  • Serving 4 servings


Cutting board, Knife, Two deep bowls, Two large pots, A small pot, Colander, Kitchen table, Skimmer, Tablespoon, Glass jars, Lids for seaming, Elastics for lids, Sealing key, Sieve or blender, Flat screen or wire rack ovens (for can sterilization), a wooden spatula, two bedspreads or large towels, a stove, cloth kitchen gloves, a fork, cloth towels, a scoop

Cooking peach jam:

Step 1: prepare peaches.

In order for the jam to turn out delicious and with delicate pieces of peaches melting in the mouth, it is necessary to select only ripe fruits with a red-yellow peel. So, first of all, we wash the peaches well under running warm water in a colander and immediately transfer them to a deep bowl. Now we need to remove the skin, because during the cooking process it becomes like rubber, which subsequently spoils the taste of the jam. To do this, pour water into a large pot and put on a large fire. You need a little water - up to half the pan, so that you can still put peaches there. When the water boils, put a small amount of fruits in it with our hands alternately and boil exactly 1-2 minutes. Immediately after that we take out the ingredient using a slotted spoon or a tablespoon and transfer them to a bowl of cold water. In order for the peaches to cool faster, you can add the most ordinary ice. This will speed up the process! And now the most painstaking process begins. Using a knife, cut a peach skin. After - we cut the fruit into two parts and take out a bone with our hands or with the same knife. We don’t throw out the bones - they are still useful to us. Attention: if you notice that some peaches are spoiled, do not throw away fruit. After all, the flesh of such a fruit is very tender and may fall a bit when dropped. Therefore, with the help of a knife, we carefully cut out the beaten zone. After - on a cutting board with a knife, cut peaches into small pieces along the half of the ingredient. Shredded component is transferred to a bowl.

Step 2: preparing cans for preservation.

In order for our peach jam to last until winter, it is necessary to sterilize the banks. This must be done so that the peach jam does not ferment, and our banks do not explode. Otherwise, our work will be in vain! There are many ways to prepare cans for preservation. You can also use a dishwasher, and do this with an oven or microwave. But I'm more inclined to the classic method of sterilizing cans. So, for this we need to first rinse the cans well in warm running water. You can also use soap products to be one hundred percent confident in cleaning dishes. Only then do not forget to rinse them well again in water. And now we collect a small amount of water in a large pot and put the container on a large fire. When the water boils, make a medium heat and cover the pan with a flat strainer or wire rack. This must be done so that steam gets into the cans and due to the high temperature it kills all harmful microorganisms that live on almost all objects and love conservation very much. So, we put the jars on the prepared surface in such a way that they are at a small distance from each other and upside down. Sterilization of containers lasts within 15 minutes. When droplets of steam begin to flow down the walls from the inside of the cans, the containers for conservation can be removed. Attention: be sure to use kitchen cloth gloves so as not to get burned, because the temperature of the steam is very high! Meanwhile, heat the water in a small saucepan. When the water boils, we also make a medium heat and put gum and lids for seaming into the container. We sterilize this inventory the same time - up to 15 minutes. After - we get them out with a slotted spoon and a fork. We put prepared cans, lids and elastic bands on the kitchen table, covered with clean towels so that microorganisms do not get on them again. In this case, the banks should stand upside down.

Step 3: cook peach jam.

Now we need to chop the peach slices into smaller particles of size no more than 1 on 1 centimeter. A large grater or blender will help us with this. If you use the second tool in the list, be sure to stick to 1-2 speeds so as not to turn the ingredient into fruit puree. We shift the chopped peaches into a large pot and fall asleep 1 kilogram of sugar. We put our container on a big fire and constantly interfere with a wooden spatula. When small bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the peach mass, make a small (less than average) fire and cook for 1.5 hoursbut. From time to time we mix our jam with a spatula so that it does not burn at the base of the pan. After the allotted time, we fill in the jam another 1 kilogram of sugar and, mixing well with a spatula, cook another 1.5 hours. During this period of time, the peach mass will boil and become jelly-like with a denser consistency. Sugar must be poured in three stages. Therefore, after a certain time, we again fill up the last kilogram of the sweet component and again mix everything well with a spatula. For cooking jam we need approximately from 5 to 6 hours depending on the size of the peach slices. After - turn off the fire and immediately proceed to the next stage. With a clean scoop (for this you need to pour it over with boiling water before work), we collect a small amount of hot jam and pour it into a clean jar. Immediately after that, put the elastic in the inside of the lid and close the jar with it. To close the jar tightly so that air does not get into it and it does not explode, we press the lid with a can opener and complete the conservation process in circular motions. We perform the same procedure with the remaining jam. And now it is necessary to find a cozy place for our conservation, where it can stand for several days until it goes to a specially designated storage place. We put the banks upside down on a blanket or large towel. And so that the jam cools down slowly, we cover it from above with the same blanket or towel. When the jars become room temperature, they can already be transferred to a secluded place for storage. Cans must be put upside down to check the quality of clogged caps.

Step 4: serve peach jam.

Peach jam turns out very tasty and tender! The main thing is that it does not taste sugaryly sweet and is great for any baking. Due to its consistency, it does not spread and can easily be spread on bread! And in the winter it will be nice to feel the aroma of summer and drink a cup of tea with a spoon of this wonderful jam! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you like jam more in large pieces, then you can cook peach in small slices after the first preparation of the ingredient. The cooking procedure does not change from this. You also add 3 kilograms of sugar to it and, with constant stirring, cook it for 5-6 hours. - For cooking peach butter, use aluminum cookware rather. Thanks to this, peach slices will not stick to the base of the container and your jam will not burn.

- - Do not forget to constantly stir the jam with a wooden spatula and, if necessary, make a small fire. - As for peach seeds, they can be added to peach jam. To do this, they must first be dried, then chopped with a hammer and peeled off the core with a knife. 10-20 minutes before the end of the cooking jam, add the seeds to the peach mass and just mix everything well again with a spatula. - When choosing equipment for refueling, pay attention to the fact that the covers are not rusty and there are completely new gum lines that are even at the edges.